5 Methods To Get Rid Of THC

These days, people take drug tests for a variety of reasons. Many employers today require new hires to take a drug test. They do this so that they know that they are hiring a responsible, drug-free employee. Also, performing drug tests will lower the employer’s workman’s compensation insurance premiums. If there is an accident on the job, the employer may require that the employee involved in the accident to take a drug test. The courts also order drug tests. The criminal court typically orders tests to make sure that people are following the conditions of their probation or parole. The family court often orders drug tests in custody cases.

Passing A Marijuana Drug Test & THC Detox Information

One of the components that are tested for during a drug test is THC. This is the active ingredient in marijuana. If you are a regular marijuana smoker and you need to take a drug test, you could be in trouble because THC stays in your system for a long time. THC stays in your system as follows:

• Urine: 3 to 77 days for infrequent users, 10 to 30 days for frequent users
• Blood: 1 to 7 days
• Hair: 90 days
• Saliva: 1 to 7 days

There are a few things that can influence the time that it takes your body to naturally detox. These factors include:

• The rate of your metabolism
• How often you use marijuana
• The potency of the marijuana that you have used
• How often you exercise
• Your body mass index

Most of the time, you will only have a few days notice before you must take your drug test. Also, most drug tests are urine drug tests because these tests are the least expensive. If you have recently used marijuana and you need to take a drug test, you will likely fail. This means that you won’t get the job of your dreams, you could lose custody of your children, or you could end up going back to jail. The consequences depend on the reason that you are taking the drug test in the first place.
If you are in this situation and you need to get ready for a drug test, there are a few ways that you can detox quickly. It is important that you understand that none of these methods are foolproof. Each of these methods, however, have seen some success.

Tip #1: Fruit Pectin

Fruit pectin is used in cooking an baking. It is typically used to give jam and jelly its gel-like consistency. This has been successful in passing urine, blood, and saliva drug tests. To use the fruit pectin, you should mix it with an electrolyte drink the day of the test. This is an effective method because the high amount of fiber in the pectin will prevent the THC metabolites passing into your bloodstream or into your urine. Instead, the THC would be released from the body via bowel movements. If you use this method, you can expect to be constipated for a while, therefore, you might want to take a laxative. This method may not be effective for heavy marijuana users, therefore, after you use the fruit pectin, you should take a home drug test to be sure that your sample will come up clean.

Tip #2: THC & Marijuana Detox Drinks

The most popular method of passing a drug test is detox drinks. Detox drinks are only useful if you are taking a urine drug test. These drinks can be purchased online or at a health supply store such as GNC. These drinks will dilute your urine and remove toxins from the body and get rid of THC. If you are going to use this method, you should understand that there are some detox drinks that are more effective than others. Also, everyone’s body is different and it will react differently to the drink. The best detox drink on the market today is Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse. Before you take your test, you should take a home drug test to be sure that your sample will be clean. Also, you should remember to read the directions. Many detox drinks take a couple of hours to take effect. Also, they only last for an hour or two. It is important that you time your detox perfectly so that you pass your test.

Tip #3: Drink Plenty of Water


This method can help you pass a urine, blood, and saliva test. It will not help if you are asked to take a hair follicle test. If you drink plenty of water for two days before your test, there is a good chance that you will be able to detox your body. It is important that you don’t wait until the day of your test to start drinking water. You might not have enough time to completely detox. Also, if your urine sample looks too watered down, it will raise a red flag with the tech who is performing your test. If you are afraid that you are going to give a diluted sample, a vitamin B12 supplement will darken up your urine. Finally, when you get to the testing center, make sure that you use the bathroom before you leave home. Your first urine sample of the morning will be the dirtiest because it has been sitting in your bladder all night. Also, to give the cleanest sample, you should pee a little bit in the toilet before you start collecting your sample in the cup.

Tip #4: Substitute or Synthetic Urine To Beat THC & Marijuana Drug Testing

This is one of the riskiest ways to pass a urine drug test, however, it is also the most effective. If you can find a friend who is willing to give you a clean drug sample, you are guaranteed to pass. If you cannot find a willing friend, you can also by synthetic urine online. This method is not as foolproof as substitute urine, however, it can still work. The only problem with this method is that during the drug test, the tech stands close by to make sure that you aren’t trying to cheat the test. If they hear a bag opening, it could raise a red flag. Also, the urine would need to be body temperature for it to pass. If the urine is too hot or too cold, you would automatically fail the test. The way to get around this is to keep the sample close to your bare skin to keep it warm. If you are really feeling brave, you can keep it in a bag against a hot water bottle. Just beware, if you are caught using synthetic or substitute urine, you will automatically fail the test.

Tip #5 Use a THC Detoxification Shampoo

If you are going to be taking a hair follicle test, this is the best way to pass. Detoxification shampoos will not help if you are asked to take a urine drug test, a blood drug test, or a saliva drug test. During the hair follicle test, the tech will use several strands of your hair for testing. Detoxification shampoos will remove the metabolites from your hair. It will also remove old layers from your scalp. When you apply the shampoo to your hair, it will penetrate the inner shaft of the hair and all of the toxins will be washed away with the shampoo. If you are worried about the health of your hair you shouldn’t be. Most of these shampoos won’t damage your hair. To find a detox shampoo, you can go online. There are plenty of sites online that sell shampoo that is specifically designed to remove THC from the hair follicles. If you don’t have time before your test to order a product online, there are a few products that you can buy over the counter. Straight aloe, Nexxus, Rid, or any other type of lice shampoo will work. If you are still worried about failing, home urine drug tests are not the only type of drug tests on the market. You can also purchase a hair follicle drug test at your local pharmacy. It is a good idea to take a test before you go in for the real one to be sure that you will pass. If you fail, you should continue using the shampoo until the last of the toxins have left your hair follicles.

The best way to pass a drug test is to refrain from using drugs until the day of the test. If you are job hunting, you should avoid using drugs until you have found a job. It can take months, however, it is worth staying clean if it means passing a drug test to get your dream job. If you don’t have time to detox naturally before your drug test, you should try one of the methods listed above. If you want to increase your chances of passing your drug test, you should use a combination of the methods listed above. The more methods you use to get the THC out of your system, the better the results will be.