Why Aloe Rid Shampoo Is Crucial To Passing A Hair Test

In order to pass a hair follicle test, one needs to follow a proper and effective detox regime. It’s no walk in the park getting rid of THC, so you must make sure that you settle for a detox routine that is tested and proven and that has helped others to clear hair tests.

As you may easily find from many reviews and testimonials posted on sites and forums on this subject, detox shampoos such as Clear Choice and Ultra Clean are the most effective in clearing chemical buildup and impurities from your hair. However, these shampoos contain the active agents that remove the toxins from your hair and they are only meant to be used on the test day itself.

But in order to get best results from those products, you need to apply a good aloe rid shampoo for 7-10days before the test. In some cases, you may be asked to appear for a hair follicle test on an even shorter notice. If such is the case, use your aloe rid shampoo twice or thrice daily in the days leading to the test.

The aloe rid shampoos are gentle clarifying shampoos that are rich in aloe vera gel. Applying the shampoo daily will loosen your hair and will free it from any kind of buildup caused by using styling/finishing products, hair gel or spray as well as from any oil, dirt and grease buildup. This way, an aloe rid shampoo conditions your hair and helps it reach the best possible position for the removal of THC once you apply the core detox shampoo on the day of the test.

So, please keep this in mind that a detox shampoo and an aloe rid shampoo must work in tandem to provide you with the best result regarding removal of toxins from hair. An important thing to understand here is that THC and other chemical impurities get stored in the cortex area of each individual hair follicle. Now, this cortex stays covered or protected with a layer which we commonly call the hair cuticle.

Therefore, if the hair is not properly conditioned and loosened using an aloe rid shampoo, the active agents in the detox shampoo will not be able to fully penetrate to the cortex of the follicle and this may result in only partial removal of THC. It is needless to say that in such a case, you will not be able to clear the test. This is why it is absolutely necessary that you use an aloe rid shampoo along with the detox shampoo of your choice.