Fruit Pectin And Drug Detox

Most home cooks would probably identify fruit pectin as an ingredient used for thickening jams and jellies and giving them a sticky, smooth texture. But fruit pectin surprisingly also has a part to play in drug detox methods. In fact, in more than just a few blood and urine drug text detox techniques, fruit pectin is the primary ingredient. You may find fruit pectin for drug detoxes sold under different brand names, however.

This detox technique has been around for several decades, but it caught public attention only when some people started using it and experienced good results. The best aspect of this detox technique is cost and convenience. The constituents used aren’t the most exotic in the world and can be easily sourced locally.

Before we learn how the substance works, you must understand the method isn’t foolproof, like almost all other detox methods. So if you’re trying this for the first time and you’re about to give a drug test, exercise caution and don’t just depend on it completely. But the fact that makes fruit pectin detox so tempting is its quick-acting abilities. There are only a few similar options around. Long story short, if there is little time on your hands and you don’t want to risk it with synthetic urine, fruit drug detox is your best bet. That said, if you have more than a few days to get ready for the test, you may combine this detox technique with other methods for optimal results.

Now let’s get back to learning how this drug test technique works. Most stoners believe this fruit pectin-based technique entails the pectin coating the stomach’s insides and the urine bladder (more importantly), thereby blocking or getting rid of THC or various other toxins from temporarily taking refuge in your urine. But there is little to no scientific evidence proving this claim. And it’s also not clear when and where did this assumption originate.

Probably, this fruit pectin method works due to the way the fiber communicates with your body and THC, along with the liquid ingested as a component of this procedure. You should have heard of urine dilution as a likely solution for beating drug tests. This is pretty much along those lines.

When using this fruit method, you would also be consuming a good amount of water, and which would dilute your urine inevitably slightly and better your prospects of clearing the test. Fiber interactions are probably the reason that makes this drug test method viable.

You should probably be aware that marijuana metabolites (most of them) leave the human body via urine. However, the exit path that these metabolites take predominantly is stools. The metabolites that come up in the urine are primarily due to the intestinal reabsorption into your bloodstream. The majority of the metabolites, however, stay in the fat cells found in the ingested food.

Fruit pectin fiber, when exiting the body as stools, takes some bile along with it. The bile is basically a fat transporter. It lugs fat while leaving the human body. And as fat binds THC (fat soluble), it brings THC too with it. This means there is little remaining for reabsorption, which explains why metabolites present in the urine is minimal.

All of these inner body processes make blood tests quite an interesting affair. The way THC enters urine is via blood. Therefore, lowering THC in the blood is vital. The bladder theory and stomach coating is quite a widespread theory, which is why not a lot of people know much about this bloodstream nexus. The added bonus is fiber helps with bowel movements on its own, which makes it easier to ensure maximum THC exits the body before it’s susceptible to any kind of reabsorption.

To conclude, the thing that makes fruit pectin so potent at helping one clear a drug test is that it forces THC (temporarily) to exit the body in the form of stools, and not via urine. This means you are left with sufficient time to pass the urine test. Once again, this technique isn’t the most recommended technique to clear a drug test. But if you’re short on time and you cannot put up with synthetic urine, this fruit pectin method will work the best.