Test Clear 10 Day Detox Program

If you are looking for a safe and natural way of getting rid of THC in your system, a product that you should try is Test Clear Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox Program. Test Clear has helped numerous people pass drug tests during the company’s 7-year existence by offering proven drug test solutions. They can help customers pass a variety of drug tests including urine, hair and saliva tests.

Producing Effective Results Safely

If you have an upcoming drug test, don’t rely on unproven methods to pass the test, such as drinking goldenseal. Test Clear’s Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox program is completely natural and contains no fillers or animal products. Test Clear does not use synthetic products, relying instead on herbs, vitamins, and minerals to safely flush toxins such as THC from your system. Toxin Rid works in as little as one hour by cleansing the blood, saliva, and urine of all unwanted drug toxins.

Who Should Try The Detox Program?

Test Clear’s Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox program is ideal for anyone who is a heavy smoker or consumes THC and needs to undergo a drug test for work or school. The detox program promises to deliver clear results for any blood or urine test, allowing you to meet job obligations without sacrificing your lifestyle.

How Toxin Rid Works

Test Clear’s 10 Day Detoxification System rids your body of toxins using a three-part detox system which includes tablets, dietary fiber, and a liquid detox formula. This detox program is designed for those who have had extreme toxin or THC exposure. The special blend of herbs, vitamins, and minerals work together to quickly detoxify the body using no artificial substances. All ingredients in the detox are all natural with no fillers or synthetics. In just one hour, the blood, saliva, and urine are cleansed of unwanted drug toxins.
Test Clear offers a 100% money back guarantee that you will be satisfied with this product.

How To Use The Ten-Day Detoxification System

Each order of Test Clear Toxin Rid comes with 150 tablets, one ounce of dietary fiber and one fluid ounce of detox liquid. You must take 3 pills an hour for 5 hours with 8 ounces of water. On the final day of the detox take the detox liquid 2 hours after completing the last set of pills. During the detox, you should eat lots of high fiber and lean protein foods. Make sure to drink plenty of water and do not take more than 15 tablets in one day.

Use the detox liquid on the last day of the program, approximately 2 hours after completing the last set of pills. Drink half of the detox liquid with eight ounces of orange juice or water. Do not eat or drink any other fluids for two hours after consuming the detox liquid. Once the two hours are over, drink the remaining half of the detox liquid. You should fast for 2 hours after this before eating and drinking normally again.

The dietary fiber is optional after the fourth day of the detox. One hour before the drug test, mix the fiber in eight ounces of water and drink it quickly. Wait approximately 15 minutes and then drink a bit more water to ensure that your system is flushed. Urinate at least two or three times before taking the drug test.

User Reviews

Many users have reported positive reviews of the 10-day detox. In particular, heavy smokers report that they were able to successfully pass drug tests after completing the detox program. The biggest drawback is that many customers experience diarrhea while doing the detox, but this is temporary and resolves quickly after finishing the program. Many users state that the discomfort is worth the results. To read reviews from actual customers who have tried the program, look up reviews posted on the Test Clear website.

To order your supply of Test Clear’s Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox program, contact Test Clear today at 1-866-837-8253 or visit their website at www.testclear.com. You can chat live with a customer service representative to ask questions or place your order. You can also check out other great products that may interest you.